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DURHAM, N.C. – Cameron Indoor Stadium may be unknown to the Temple women’s basketball playing contingent since the Owls have not been to the NCAA tournament since 2011 nor played host and No. 2 Bridgeport Regional seed Duke down here.But the place, which can be. . . Read More
There are plenty of questions that Albany freshman Mackenzie Trpcic has heading into her first NCAA tournament game.It's safe to say that the mode of transportation used by two influential men in her basketball career is not at the top of the list.Trpcic's dad is making the trip from Hamilton,. . . Read More
NEW YORK - The wonderful sportswriter John Feinstein took a trip this winter to the Rose Hill Gymnasium at Fordham University to watch its basketball team play. Then in a loving remembrance, Feinstein wrote a story in the Washington Post. . . Read More
DURHAM, N.C. – Besides being a day of green for St. Patrick’s Day as well as everyday when it comes to the environment, it’s a weekend of plenty for Philadelphia area women’s collegiate teams.Down here Friday, Temple will lead off with the press conferences in. . . Read More
"The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.” --Pearl BuckBy ROB KNOX (@knoxrob1)Even though, the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team has created 107 consecutive hardwood masterpieces, the only number. . . Read More
The mighty Southeastern Conference has its top eight finishers in the NCAA tournament, keeping with tradition as the toughest conference in America.The entrants are 92-30 against America this season, topped by its best two programs.But, still, all the 20-games winners are in and. . . Read More
UConn incoming freshman Megan Walker capped her brilliant senior season with an undefeated season and third straight state championship. One of her rewards is being awarded one of the most prestigious honors.Walker was named the winner of the Naismith Trophy becoming eighth former, current or. . . Read More
Because most of the issues involving the NCAA Women’s Bracket have been given the thorough going-over, instead of piling on per se, the Guru offers a random sample of inner thoughts while trying to catch up to the conversation:The Guru didn’t see the horde's spin. . . Read More



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