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BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – The rear view behind the University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team continues to be quite a majestic scene and establishment of what glory days continue to lie ahead.It was over quickly here at Webster Bank Arena Monday night with an. . . Read More
The Southeastern Conference champions sprinted out to a 24-17 start.All-American A’ja Wilson scored nine, with four rebounds and two blocks. Three of the four guards scored the rest.Florida State reserve Imani White. . . Read More
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – Throughout his Halls of Fame career and the growth to women’s basketball dominance of the Connecticut program, coach Geno Auriemma has called the Elite Eight Regional Final Game that leads to the Women’s Final Four the most difficult round of. . . Read More
A year ago it was Jay Wright and the Villanova men’s team achieving postseason greatness with the NCAA title.Now it’s Harry Perretta and the Wildcats’ women’s team doing some amazing things.On Sunday afternoon Perretta’s group playing its fourth straight road. . . Read More
Not suggestion that Lexi Bando grew up close to the Oregon campus or anything like that, but if the wind was blowing the right way she could probably hear the PA system from most of the athletic events without leaving the comfort of her home.Bando, who had a pair of absolutely huge 3-pointers in. . . Read More
It is always nice when a No. 1 seed meets a No. 2 for the right to advance to the Final Four, because the Selection Committee gets one right.Mississippi State (33-5) has yet to lose to a non-conference opponent. The Big 12 and Big. . . Read More
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – For different reasons the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Bridgeport Regional championship Monday night at Webster Bank Arena is a tale of dueling Cinderellas fighting to land a spot in this weekend’s Women’s Final Four in Dallas.One has a. . . Read More
Qwazy. Quickly dispatched. Quietly flying home.
Quinnipiac somehow got to the Stockton Region semifinals where a very confident No. 1 seed South Carolina awaited. The Gamecocks mostly wanted to win their 30th. So did Quinnipiac. That’s where the similarity ended. Quinnipiac was favored by . . . Read More



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