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For WNBA players’ union president and reigning MVP Nneka Ogwumike, leadership is a lot about camaraderie. While she plays an ocean away from home, it’s about camaraderie with her fellow WNBA players on her team there. Ogwumike plays on a team with Epiphanny Prince (New York Liberty) and Angel McCo. . . Read More
During his time as an assistant in San Antonio, Wade coordinated the Stars’ defense and was responsible for leading individual player development.. . . Read More
Washington Mystics coach and general manager Mike Thibault became the latest member of the WNBA community to condemn statements made by Candice Wiggins, the former player who in an interview last week alleged she was bullied on the court for being heterosexual. Wiggins made those comments to the . . . Read More
All individuals own their experience. What happened to them, what they perceived happened to them, what they saw with their eyes, processed in their brain and felt in their heart, that is theirs alone. As Candice Wiggins' assertions that she was bullied for years in the WNBA and that opponents trie. . . Read More
WNBA star Breanna Stewart and President Lisa Borders respond to accusations from former player Candice Wiggins about being bullied during her eight-year career.. . . Read More
In her first public reaction since Candice Wiggins’ controversial comments about the WNBA, league President Lisa Borders on Thursday said she was “stunned and disappointed” to hear what the former player said. In a statement released by the WNBA, Borders says, according to The Associated Press: “Of. . . Read More
Former WNBA player and William Penn grad Chantel Tremitiere had a lot to say after another former player spoke out about being bullied in the league for her heterosexuality. In a recent interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, Candice Wiggins said the WNBA has a “very, very harmful” bullying cul. . . Read More
What does one make of Candice Wiggins’ assertion that she spent eight years in the WNBA being bullied for being straight? Without additional context, it’s difficult to take at face value. In an interview Monday in the San Diego Union-Tribune, the former Lynx forward painted a picture of the WNBA as. . . Read More



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