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Since the Connecticut Sun acquired Asjha Jones prior to the 2004 season, the franchise has had no more prideful or powerful player. She is no longer the quiet, somewhat uncertain freshman who reported to UConn in 1998. Jones is . . . Read More
Women's head basketball coach Sharon Versyp has a busy summer ahead. The players will be arriving on campus this month and the recruits will be adjusting to their new home. From August 5 to16, the team will head to Europe for a tour.
. . . Read More
The WNBA is starting its 15th season today, which is a great accomplishment. The WNBA has given me and many others the opportunity to play in front of family and friends and for it to still be here 15 seasons later shows me that it will be here to do the same for so many others in the years to come.. . . Read More
Atlanta Dream will host a community pep rally at Greenbriar Mall on June 3 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. to tip off the 2011 season. The Atlanta Dream opens defense of its Women's National Basketball Association Eastern Conference Championship . . . Read More
DNS: Can He Swish Again? Dishin
It begins tonight, and I am psyched! I have been going through major women's basketball withdrawal since the NCAA tournament and the draft. Sure, my daughter's lacrosse season was great, and the NBA is fine, but it . . . Read More
Former Uconn Player Kaili McLaren Excels In First Season With Greek Team
Since the late stages of her All-American high school career in Washington, D.C., Kaili McLaren struggled with flexibility problems, relating to the joint in her left foot. That was pretty much kept. . . Read More
Just a few things on my mind this morning..... I must admit I do not know much about Euro League basketball, other than its where women must go in the winter to make lots of money. But I can tell you this, bet Galatasay of Turkey to win the women's basketball title now that they've signed Sylvia Fo. . . Read More
The Cornerstone women’s basketball team is teaming up with Unto Inc., of Wyoming, for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic beginning today and running through June 10. "Here (Cornerstone), it’s common place that teams and students are encouraged to do cross cultural ministries," coach Carla Fle. . . Read More



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