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She’s back from the Dead Sea, and so on Tuesday and Wednesday, Dannielle Diamant will be helping out at a basketball camp at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy being administered by Alexis Hornbuckle, one of her rivals under the overseas backboards. . . Read More
Depth on display at USA Basketball women
The "Brigadoon-like" three days of USA Basketball's women's national team training camp ended Wednesday, and then players and coaches scattered back to their other teams. Most are preparing for the WNBA season that opens next month; the others returned to their colleges. These events are over quick. . . Read More
Right after you were allowed in to watch the last half-hour of the U.S. women’s national basketball team minicamp workout at UNLV’s Mendenhall Center this week, you were handed a yellow sheet with the players’ names on it. It was surprising that weight was listed among the headings, because you . . . Read More
The most well-known parts of Christi Thomas’ basketball career happened in the U.S. A dominant high-schooler at Buford, she earned All-SEC honors at Georgia and also completed seven seasons in the WNBA after being selected in the first round in 2004. For all the success state-side, the most lucra. . . Read More
From director Rick Goldsmith, who I had the pleasure of meeting in person at the Independent Film Week panel a couple of years ago, comes a feature documentary several years in the making (nearing completion) on former WNBA star, Olympic gold medalist and Tennessee All-American basketball player Ch. . . Read More
Jordan Smelker plays professional women’s hockey for the Boston Blades and works 40 hours per week as a biomedical engineer for Haemonetics. Hockey doesn’t pay a salary. Haemonetics does. On Sunday afternoon at UMass-Boston, the 22-year-old forward will compete in the final home game of her rookie . . . Read More
A group of women in Georgetown are living out their hoop dreams in their golden years. The Texas Fire Ants play Granny Basketball. The six-on-six game takes many of its rules from the 1920’s, when women’s basketball was a very different game. It just so happens that many of the antiquated rules are. . . Read More
History was made on Feb. 22, 1975 when the Queens College women’s basketball was part of the first women’s hoops game at Madison Square Garden. The inaugural game against Immaculata may have been a 65-61 loss, but to coach Lucille Kyvallos, it was a win for women’s equality in sports.. . . Read More



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