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During a 20 year period from roughly 1890 to 1910, athletic activities became widely popular in the United States and were, sometimes grudgingly, accepted as part of the school program. Among the most popular of these activities was the recently-invented game of basketball, a game for boys - until . . . Read More
Sarah Campbell always dreamed of owning a basketball team. While Campbell’s dream is realized — in the form of the newly minted Kansas City Majestics — her goal now is to help the dreams of others come true. Campbell, a former Central High School and University Missouri basketball standout, is hea. . . Read More
In a small gym at the Langston Brown Community Center, the air filled with the squeak of sneakers and good-natured heckling of pickup basketball, a group of ladies ranging in age from 40 to 75-plus sits on the sidelines. They’re here to play, not watch. Who’s got next? For an hour every Wednesday . . . Read More
Life on a team is exhilarating. For three Sioux Falls women who made basketball a big part of their lives, there are few things that compare with playing the sport in college or professionally. The highs, the lows, the emotions are all intense when shared with others working toward the same goals . . . Read More
Emotion still pours through Kristin Haynie during a basketball game. A perfect pass draws a joyous fist-pump. A defensive mistake sends her head flipping backward in frustration. Another victory brings high-fives, handshakes and a nod of accomplishment. Yet she didn’t make one play herself Saturda. . . Read More
Long before Skylar Diggins led the University of Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team to two NCAA championship appearances, female athletes were blazing trails of their own. This photograph shows one local example, members of the 1926 Ball-Band girls basketball team. James Naismith invented . . . Read More
The Wayland Baptist Flying Queens – the winningest program in women's collegiate basketball history with 1,562 wins – are finalists for election to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The Flying Queens, who won a record 131 straight games from 1953-58 and captured 10 AAU basketball champ. . . Read More
If you’re afforded the chance encounter with Chameka Scott, you’ll come away from the meeting as if you’ve been, at the very least, enlightened, and on the grandest scale, extremely blessed. Scott, a Clear Brook High School graduate, was honored by administrators, former coaches and current playe. . . Read More



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